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    Need these forms to be responsive


      Can formscental forms be made responsive. Anyone had luck at doing so? If not what other options do I have?

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          FormsCentral form layout is not responsive.




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            ada_mju Level 2

            Josh, I have been using FC for 2nd year and I`m very pleased with it. However, isn`t time for Adobe to make it responsive? Adobe promote all great technology, but still make simple forms that we pay for not smartphone friendly. Google Documents came up with their own forms which works beautiful on all devices. Why cannot Adobe? At the moment, I have to make 2 the same forms, one with about 400px for mobile and another wider for desktop computer (tablet can be as desktop)

            Then I advise visitors on page I embed the form to turn their smartphone vertically for easier access to fill in the form. Unnecessary work and confusion including FC admin area. 3 websites 6 forms : (