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    Endnotes for multiple  files in book

    notannhavoc Level 1

      I have  reviewed  several of the  posts about endnotes and now  am not sure which method to follow. I have  a book file with more than 70  files. Each of these files [a chapter] has endnotes which are to appear all at the end in one chapter called endnotes. they restart numbering  for every chapter [i.e. chapter 1 has  endnotes 1-5, chapter 2 has endotes 1-9, etc]

      The problem is that the text  has already been carefully formatted  and I don't want ot lose the formattign - so I cannot  simply reimport the word file- which  has the endnotes  manually  with numbers like 3, 4, 4.1, 4.2, etc.] I'd liek to make the endnotes dynamic as I must  prepare teh document for  Kindle and epub as well.

      i mus t now insert the  endnotes manually in each chapter - i know  of the script to convert footnotes ot endnotes. But it is my understanding that  teh  script will place teh endnotes at teh end of each chapter/file. If I then try to copy  these all into one file at teh end - I'm pretty sure I will lose the  dynamic links.

      I could try  to  do this using cross-reference but from what i've read it's pretty flaky across multiple  documents and prone to crashing.

      I could also  combine all my  separate chapters into one humongous file - using the  "move" pages command.

      This will be  very tedious and seems to defeat teh whole purpose of the  book but will enable me to use the  footnotes to endnotes  script.

      Which is the lesser of 2 evils -or is there something else I can do?