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    My  Windows elements  serial  number  doesn't work  on  my  iMac  version...


      Hallo  there ...My name is Papakonstantis Dimitrios.. I have a version of premiere elements 9 (bought two years ago ) which i installed on my windows 7 via downloading from adobe.com ...Recently i bought an i mac so i have downloaded elements on my i mac too...But   the  problem  is that  when  i put  on  my  serial  number  it  doesn't work..!! Who  comes..??? I logged in on my adobe account to find a solution by getting on ''my orders'' page but the problem is that when i ordered elements  2-3 years ago a had an another email that it is not valid any more..So in my new account it says i have no orders.     Please  tell   me  how  i  can work  this  out...!!Thank  you for  your  time