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    Textformat in html dynamic textfield

    chrism59 Level 1
      Th have a form with an input text field. After inputing data I want to display the data in a dynamic text field. The dynamic text field is set as folows:

      display_txt._html = true
      display_txt.htmlText = input_txt.text

      The dynamic text field handles all of the supported html tags except:

      <textformat tabstop=[70,250]>
      \t <u>LEVEL</u> \t <u> Description</u><br>
      \t data \t data<br>
      \t data \t data<br>

      The dynamic text field displays
      \t LEVEL \t Description
      \t data \t data
      \t data \t data

      this section has text above and below, both work fine. Any suggestions?