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    After Effects CC no sound. [Mac]


      I have a problem with after effects and I have tried looking this up but I couldn't find the right one so I made this discussion. I want to start making mix of various clips but I can't seem to hear the sound at all. I have 8GB of RAM, A 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7, and MacBookPro running Mountian Lion. All my mp3s and mp4s have so-called 'soundwaves' and adobe is reading them but there is still no sound. I did notice a 'preview thing' (I don't know the official name) that claims to work but all my keybinds are different to 'windows 7/8.' If the problem is that I am not previewing sound then could somebody please kindly tell me the keybinds for Macintosh. As a bonus could somebody also tell me the keybind for add marker because I know it says ^8 but if I do that nothing happens. But if I hold shift then press ^8 or any number if come up with a marker but with the number corresponding to the number I press. I don't think thats correct though. Please help me with these problems, Thanks.


      P.S. I have numberpad on me mouse.