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    Sign out ?


      I have just purchased and installed Adobe Premiere Elements. Under the Help menu, it offers you to an option Sign out. If you sign out it tells you that you then can't use Premiere on this PC.  Why do I need to be logged in ? Is this a requirement of the software ? Confuse ??


      Any help appreciated



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          The Premiere Elements 12 Help Menu/Sign Out is equivalent the Help Menu/Deactivate of versions of Premiere Elements earlier than 12.


          Adobe allows for your purchased serial number to be on no more than 2 of your computers. If you need to go to a 3rd computer, then you use the Help Menu/Sign Out aka Deactivate to keep the computer count to 2.


          Also, if you sell your computer, you might want to remove Premiere Elements from that computer.


          If you need further clarification on this matter, please do not hesitate to ask.





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            luxgud Level 1

            is having an ID a requirement to use the software yes or no ?


            Do have to be logged in ? (can I log out) and continue to use the software on my PC


            Basically, I do not like the idea of being logged in to use software ...

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              More No than Yes to your question.


              Explanation of that to follow....


              The one thing that I can tell you for sure is, if you go to the Premiere Elements 12 Expert workspace Help Menu/Sign Out, you will deactivate the program and will not be able to use it again until your go through the process of inserting your serial number as per the directives you will receive from the program when you try to use it again.


              The other for sure item is that you need an Adobe ID and password for using the Adobe Revel associated features, such as mobile album sharing and the Publish+Sharing/Private Web Album export of your Timeline content. Also, Publish+Share/Social Websites (Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube) would require signing and getting authentication related to various account information.


              As I recall, during the installation process you are asked for a User Name (not an Adobe ID), your location, serial number. I do not see any Adobe ID and password asked for. But, toward the end of the installation, there is a dialog for registration. Registration is not mandatory but does require the Adobe ID and password.


              You can check out the following Adobe document

              http://help.adobe.com/en_US/premiereelements/using/WSeffff8bffc802084-7b5de6931308d7ff99c- 7fff.html


              or contact Adobe Customer Service to get definitive information.


              This is not Adobe. Just Premiere Elements users trying to help other Premiere Elements users with their Premiere Elements workflows.


              http://helpx.adobe.com/contact.html?product=premiere-elements&topic=signing-in-to-my-accou nt-or-registering-my-product

              After the above link opens, cick on "I still need help." to bring up Adobe Chat who will tell you all you want to know about " Signing in to my account or registering my product.



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                luxgud Level 1

                Thank you for great answers, your time is appreciated,





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                  luxgud Level 1

                  Actually, I tried the above and it would appear that you DO need an ID and you do have to be logged in. When you log out, after you log in again, you have to either re-login or create an ID to then login.


                  You have to be logged in to use this software.


                  Maybe you can avoid this when you initially install the software as Romano suggested ?

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    How are you installing the program - from an installation disc or from installation files purchased online from Adobe or elsewhere?



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                      luxgud Level 1

                      Hi Romano - Amazon software download

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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        I can never leave a question half done.


                        So, I deactivated one of my installs of Premiere Elements 12 Windows and installed Premiere Elements 12 on another computer (installation disc was used).


                        In my prior post, the part where I went on recollection, I wrote


                        But, toward the end of the installation, there is a dialog for registration. Registration is not mandatory but does require the Adobe ID and password.


                        My recollection and what is written in the Adobe document (part about Registration not being mandatory) were found to be flawed.


                        I can give you a step by step through the installation process, but I will cover that by "no Adobe ID and password" were needed before the restart of the computer when the installation was finished. When you open Premiere Elements 12/Video Editor/New Project, you are greeted by a Sign In Required dialog where the language is quite specific...


                        "Sign In Required

                        Signing in with an Adobe ID and registering Adobe Premiere Elements 12 is required within 7 days otherwise it will stop working. Enter Adobe ID to register your product.

                        Sign In Now"


                        The Sign In dialog asks for Adobe ID (Email address), Password and concludes "Your credentials will be stored on this devide".....Sign In button is there for you to click.


                        This does not seem to be the answer that you wanted, but that is what I have found as I went through the step by step as described here.


                        Hope that helps.



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                          luxgud Level 1

                          Romano - I fully understand now, thank you for your help