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    Connect to a web service?

      Can someone please tell me how to connect to a web service and receive the array and display it in AS 2.0? It's more then one item in the array I will receive. I need to do it by code and can not use Web Service connector.
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          jjasas Level 1
          Is it really possible that no one can help me with this? I mean there must be alot of you how have done this? I really need help with this.
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            jjasas Level 1
            I have now added one Web Service Connector and bind it to a label, this works fine. But, how do I do when the answer from the web service contains more then one object? I think it have to be something like this?
            for(i = 0; i < WebServerConnector.Items.Length; i++){
            As you can see so have I no clue of how to do this. Can you pleas help me with this?