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    Reading Camera Raw Format

    Str8aero Level 1

      I'm a user of Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CS6 runiing the current version of each.  I signed up for Creative Cloud and have downloaded and installed Photoshop CC.  I have not downloaded and installed Lightroom from CC as I understand it is the exact same product as the standalone version.

      My question is - everytime I take a photo (DNG) from Lightroom and click to edit it in Photoshop CC - Photoshop CC opens a dialog box that says 'Reading Camera Raw Format'  That didn't happen when I opened images in CS6.  What causes this and how do I fix it?

      I have checked with a friend who also converted to Photoshop CC and he does not get that dialog (he is running Windows and I'm on a Mac)?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Since you say you are up-to-date with LR an PS, this suggests you are using LR 5.2 and PS-CC/ACR 8.2.


          Whenever the versions of LR and ACR are compatible, then LR tells PS to open the raw file using LR’s settings, and PS uses the ACR plug-in to open the raw file with those settings.


          The message occurs when the time it takes to render the raw file on the way into PS longer than a certain amount of time. 


          If your LR and CS6-ACR were up-to-date and you weren’t seeing the message, then perhaps something was slightly faster with those two products, and the message wasn’t displayed, or perhaps PS-CC’s time-limit for showing that message was made a shorter amount of time.


          If your LR and CS6-ACR weren’t synchronized in their versions (e.g. LR 5.2 and CS6-ACF 7.1) then LR could have been rendering the file as a TIF or PSD so PS isn’t using ACR to render the file.


          As far as LR-non-CC and LR-CC being the same.  They operate on images files the same, the real difference will occur with LR 6, which you won’t have to pay extra for if you’re using the CC version. 


          There isn’t any reason to download and install LR-CC 5.2 when you already have the regular LR 5.2, but once LR 5.3 comes out, you might as well let CC download and install it, so you won’t have to worry about it, later.  It may be that you’ll have to uninstall LR non-CC 5.2, but perhaps that has been changed in recent updates of the CC Manager app or will be when LR 5.3 is release in the next few weeks.