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    PDF exports at low pixel dimension


      The problem seems to be that when I export as a pdf from InDesign, the pixel dimensions are way lower than they should be.

      I created a business card for a client where most of the content is vector. The document is standard business card size 90mm x 55mm plus a 3mm bleed. It has CMYK colour and should be perfectly fine for printing. The issue arises after exporting the PDF. Instead of exporting at 300dpi creating around a 1100px x 700px document it exports at roughly 300px x 200px. This isn't an issue when taking it directly to a print shop as the content is vector so it prints perfectly fine, however my client is trying to print through an online upload and it keeps coming up with 'low resolution error'.

      I've tried all of the Adobe PDF Presets including 'Press Quality' and 'High Quality Print'. I tried turning all off the image compression off, I even tried changing the background image to a 300dpi, 1182px x 768px tif image and it still has the same issue. I usually use 'PDF/X-1a:2001' for compatibilty purposes but since it didn't work I'm really not sure what to do. I can export the business card as a 300dpi JPEG as a quick fix, but is there a way to get a proper 300dpi PDF from InDesign?