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    Ios issues and other questions

    Lord-ton Level 1


      First of all i would like to thank resdesign, zaxist and all of the dev team for helping here.

      Second, i'm not good at coding and most likely i have used all of the bad practices possible here so continue at your own risk


      Anyway, here is the page i've made in edge:



      this will change soon, so if you want to see the version at the time of this post - please go here:


      original (unstable on ios6/ios7): http://nocomprendo.ru/test1/america_test.html

      no maps (unstable on ios6): http://nocomprendo.ru/test2/america_test.html

      no maps and svg-s (stable): http://nocomprendo.ru/test3/america_test.html


      you can download source file here: http://nocomprendo.ru/test1.zip

      Most of the code is in stage's "composition ready".


      It uses a instafeedjs to embed instagram (which is working stable and is easy to implement) http://instafeedjs.com/

      It uses fbwall to embed facebook (which is laggy, outdated and i would not recommend it) http://www.neosmart.de/social-media/facebook-wall/

      It uses external fonts which can be generated here http://www.font2web.com/

      and the loaded to adobe edge. tutorial here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a76Exc8NcqM \

      (be sure to remove an .svg file!!!)

      Not always legal, though if you need cyrillics (which is a pain as adobe webfonts have only three or four cyrillic fonts) it is a solution.


      I would most likely embed wordpress to load some more external content anytime soon as i did it on another project, though i dont know how to do it from inside of edge and i would have to edit the files manually. (i would appreciate any links to tutorials)


      Concerning the stability of the edge websites:


      embedding of google maps (both old and new API) causes ios iphone/ipad safari and chrome to crash (ios6, ios7).

      perhaps the nature of it is in huge iframes i am using. any ideas?


      use of any svg files also causes ios iphone/ipad safari and chrome to crash (more likely in ios6 less likely in ios7).

      this was mentioned several times on the board and seems like it is not solved yet.


      I have questions on making advanced preloaders with percentage bar. (i have seen zaxist's thread) but is there any walkthrough on embedding any javascript preloader like these:


      http://codecanyon.net/item/percentage-preloader/5523389?WT.ac=solid_search_item&WT.seg_1=s olid_search_item&WT.z_author=CodingJack


      Also, current preloader option available in edge replaces the white screen before loading composition, but everything that happens in composition ready is seen by website visitor and looks odd. Shall i use creationcomplete or anything else instead?




      p.s. yeah, its me going down the south america on a motorcycle, so if youre interested you may follow me in facebook or instagram