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    2 questions pls 1)  Why is NO 'option' to install MacAfee shown on the Install screen appearing when

    youdoNOTknowwhatIwant Level 1

      .... you are updating the last version of Flash when using at least Firefox 25, with Ghostery installed?   As some seem to doubt that this state exists, I DO have a screen shot of that.


      On the page screen that appears, the 'install' button does not work initially.  You have to 'pause' Ghostery' before proceeding and then, pressing 'Install' does not work by installing the update either.  Instead, you are taken to the main Adobe page ie  www.adobe.com


      Having read about the problems others were having installing Flash under FF, I then decided to go to the main download and install from that.  Never having had Macafee impinge before  (possibly because some of the previous attempted updates, using latterday versions of FF never worked in the first place - the last installer I have filed away is from 18//7/2013), by this time I wasn't looking for any need to ,opt out, of anything,  So I could well have missed it, if it was there.  But now, lo and behold, I have some early unwanted Christmas present


      Taking account of all the circumstances, I do feel a trifle misled, as seems to be the case with many other unhappy campers in the past.


      Can you stop this somehow please?  I'm sure it's not intended as some sort of sneak attempt to dump unwanted apps on us, but it doesn't half leave a bad taste when it happens like that


      2)  So, now that I have what I know I don't want, how do I uninstall MacAfee, please?  I use Norton 360 and am perfectly happy with that, thank you


      Oh, I forgot......PC, Win 7 64bit