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    [ANN] An open letter to Adobe devs/scripters

    Marc Autret Level 4

      Hi folks,


      Davide Barranca posted on his blog an 'open letter' that I think could be of interest to anyone using this forum:






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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          Funny how he thinks InDesign scripters have "more" influence on Adobe :)


          It may perhaps seem so (from a distance--a large one) because InDesign's scripting interface is several magnitudes larger, better, and faster than those of its other Suite siblings. However: InDesign is the youngest sibling of Adobe's adult applications, and has been created virtually out of nothing.


          The other, *much* older apps evolved out of original MC68000 assembly code (I am fairly certain of that!) and scripting support has been tacked on with sticky tape through the years. With InDesign, it was built in to its architecture right from the start.


          "Full Scripting support" appears to slowly but surely be moving down the Priority Queue, *even* for its flagship application. As evidenced in the latest version, CC, where not only there are *so* very few new additions that Marc could list them *all* in a single short blog post, but even those few additions are added in the most *lazy* way possible: crudely glued on to the first basic pre-existing object they were able to find. (It's also the reason I decided not to create a new HTML Help file just for CC; the amount of work doesn't agree for me with an -- at least -- equal increase in value).


          It's about time the ol' ECMAScript engine got an overhaul as well: why *not* upgrade it to the latest version of Javascript? (.. and as a token of good will: do that same upgrade for the still very large base of CS4-CS6 users.)


          </rantmode> ;-)

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            Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            And there was a time (CS3 I think) when it was possible, at least for Windows users, to reach Acrobat from BridgeTalk. That should be reestablished as well. CS4-CC users, of course!


            And a time (CS5 and CS5.5 only!) where extractLabel() returned an array of key and value strings:




            That bugs me most: removing useful features…



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              DBarranca Level 4

              Hi Jongware,

              I've been thinking a bit about this, actually - I mean my impression that the ID community seems to be more influential.

              Given that I've little knowledge of ID people besides what I read sometimes in this forum or in a couple of websites I use to visit to borrow code and learn from (Marc's is one). I've been comparing my perceived influence of the ID group with the known influence of the PS group (known by me, as a member of it) - which alas is close to zero, as far as I can tell.

              Might just be a battle of the have-nots? ;-)


              A friend of mine who works as an ID consultant once told me - half joking, half serious - something like "Why don't you quit doing scripts for those kiddy cheapskates photographers and start working for the app where the actual business is?!" Was his provocation close to the truth? Possibly so... As someone who's been making his living out of PS post-production, I've seen many professionals in my business giving up and disappear in the last 10 years: is now Photoshop an application inherently targeted to, how can I say, "less professional" users than InDesign is? Might be the case, at least from the third party developer point of view... I have no definitive answers.


              Olav Kvern (that I cited in the post) in effect wrote that "InDesign has the best scripting support of the three applications, because its coverage is the most complete." Photoshop DOM is dramatically *far* from being complete. Yet we have ActionManager code, as powerful as unfriendly, filling some gaps - and with its own set of limits and problems too.


              (As far as I can understand, ActionManager code is what you'd use to compile Automation Plugins for PS in some C flavour - so that the ScriptingListener plugin by Adobe's Tom Ruark, outputting ActionManager as you work with PS, might be just an interface with / exposing lower-level stuff that we use to fill DOM's gaps. A solution sometimes worse than the original problem)



              Now, forgive me for this over-simplification: ID is - so to speak - an application that at its core "manages text" (ok, it's more than that but bear with me). PS is - so to speak - an application that "manages images". The sheer fact that ID scripters (as far as I know) can manipulate the text's smallest particle, its atom: a character (can you?) and PS scripters have no direct way to access image's atoms (freaking pixels - I cannot programmatically flip a pixel to my liking) drives me crazy ;-)

              Rumors say that JNack tried to push that feat request on, but to no avail.

              That said, I'm now at the point where I welcome the CC SaaS model (I can't believe I'm writing this!) because to support old PS versions (times 2 platforms) did become a nightmare.



              As a closing thought, a community capable to express a thread titled "ID CC SUI - Insane Daft Crazy Cuckoo Stupid Useless Idiotic" deserves all my respect ;-)


              Davide Barranca


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                Trevorׅ Adobe Community Professional

                @ Davide:


                Glad you liked the title of the thread I started , I shall bookmark this one as a sign of respect.


                @ Jongware


                I know that you were just expressing a wish but there is no way that any upgrades ECMA or the other are going to be made to the CS versions.

                The new HTML5 panels and the stopping of support for the flashed based ones are I think make this clear.

                I pity all the developers who are going to have to convert all there plugin interfaces to HTML5, a lot more of a pain than dealing with the insanities of ID CC SUI.


                @ Marc


                What does ANN stand for?



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                  Green4ever Level 3

                  Hey Trevor,


                  I hope ANN stands for Announcement.



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                    Marc Autret Level 4

                    @ Trevor


                    Indeed, [ANN] = Announcement.


                    Not sure I used the right tag anyway. I wanted to highlight that some project is in the pipeline behind Davide's post.

                    Sorry for any confusion.