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    text  (change color)

    Zmajcet Level 1

      Hello - pls help .

      i know  that the  color text (marked with laso tool) is simply to change from black
      to white (function invert).


      But i don't know how to change this text in other 256 color (is  possible)  ?


      The text  is no layer but included on the imported-placed  (than rasterized) image (etc graph+text -color wish to change)



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          fr4nk13xx Level 3

          without seeing hte pictures its hard to tell, but you could use colour replace


          if its text you could simply delte it and replace it with real text of the colour and style you want, assuming you ccan take it off the back ground


          re comment of seeing the picture


          if its a solib background it would be easier of course


          if the font colour isnt alone in the picture then you will have to mask out the area

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            Zmajcet Level 1


            imagine  that you  import a file (picture -graph with text)  and there is a graph and text  on transparent background.and  you wish to change only color.

            From black to white it is simple-  with invert (mentioned above)


            but the problem arises to change in other color this marked text with lasso    

            I wish to change this marked text in PS (not to change color in program where is created this imported /placed file).




            Sure  it is harder to change the  text color on imported picture  with background

            but in this case isn't. other background such as simple transparent..

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              fr4nk13xx Level 3

              so you want to change it all?  you can use an adjustment hue/saturation layer

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                Zmajcet Level 1

                no  with hue saturation doesn't work.

                if it had been worked    i wouldn't asking about it