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      My computer crashed and had to be reformatted.  I re-installed Adobe Digital Editions and registered it on my new e-mail address.  No I get the above error message when I try and dowload my purchased books from Mills & Boon.  Can you please help me to rectify this, to enable me to download these books?


      Thank you so much.



          sjpt Level 4

          DRM books are locked to the Adobe account/ID used when they are first accessed.

          You must register ADE with the same Adobe account you used before.

          To do that, first deregister the new account (ctrl-shift-D, cmd shift-D on Mac), then register the old account.


          If that Adobe account is associated with an old email, you can change the associated email without changing the underlying basic Adobe account.

          Log on at the Adobe website (using your old email), go to My Adboe, then to My Adobe ID, and change the email to you new email.


          If you have created a new account/ID with your new email, then you will have to change that one first to something you never use;

          then you can change the email for the old account/ID.

            sjpt Level 4

            Thank you for the reply.  I have tried the old e-mail and it said that it is not available. I think this is the e-mail that I used before (2011 when I joined), but it won't give me access to it. I must tell you that at that stage I also used Windows XP, now I am on Windows 7.


            I tried a completely diffirent e-mail and still experienced the same problem.


            I went back to the current e-mail and still the same.


            I also uninstalled the Digital Editions and took the advice that you gave another person with the ctrl etc. and that also did not work.


            Do you have any other suggestions?


            Even if you have to sort this out your side, it will be appreciated, becuase I have purchased a few books, that is now of no use to me.


            Thanx for your assistance!






            I have tried the old e-mail and it said that it is not available.

            What action did you try to do using the old email when it gave that message?


            Can you remember the Adobe password associated with it?

            If so you should be able to log onto the old account at the Adobe web site using it.


            If you have forgotten the password, do you still have access to email at that old email address?

            In that case you can do a password reset for your old account at the Adobe site, and respond to the email it will send.


            If you have forgotten the password and don't have access to your old email,

            you will have to contact Adobe directly and see if they can help. 

            I don't think they can do that via the forum.

            Try Live Chat.

            Adobe Live Chat: http://www.adobe.com/support/chat/ivrchat.html,

            or as a slight short cut try http://helpx.adobe.com/contact.html?product=digital-editions&topic=using-my-product-or-ser vice

            Click on 'I still need help' and then you should see 'Chat with an Agent' at the bottom of the page.

            'Ask our experts' will indeed just lead you back to this forum.

            Sometimes you will get ‘Sorry! All agents are busy— please check back soon.’

            Don’t refresh the page, just hang on and it should eventually go to ‘Chat Now, and agent is available’.

              Elsahvk Level 1

              Dear sjpt


              I hope that I am replying to the original thread as requested.  Sometimes I am a little technologily handicapped.


              Thank you for your great help and assistance.  I actually managed to log onto original e-mail and could then download the books.


              There are however a few that would not download and gives the following error message:


              Error getting license.

              License server communication problem:  E_ADEPT_INTERNAL


              I have tried the download a few times, but to no avail, and same message pops up.


              Could you advise please?


              Thank you

                sjpt Level 4

                It may be that the publishers have stopped providing those books.

                In that case you may be a stuck if you only have the .acsm files.

                Try contacting the publishers and see if they can help.  Good luck.


                Depending what you managed to recover from the crashed system before reformatting,

                you may still have the old .epub files around.

                If you can find those you should be able to open them without any further downloading.



                As a general comment (too late for you now maybe, but for others that might read this thread, and for you looking forward):

                The Adobe DRM system is only for DRM. 

                It does NOT automatically keep copies of your library somewhere for you to redownload after problems.

                You should keep a backup copy of all your books (the .epub files) just in case of such a failure.

                  dogs best friend

                  My computer did not crash but I'm getting the same message. I just downloaded adobe digital editions and cannot open a book I downloaded onto my hard drive. I keep getting the message Elsahvk gets.  What am I doing wrong?  Also I cant find where to open a new question on this site, sorry, kinda new to this site

                    sjpt Level 4

                    @dogs best friend.  You should be able to open a new discussion near the top right of this page there is a 'new' dropdown, and you can open a new discussion there.

                    Can you do that, please?  Also a little more detail about exactly what order you did things, in particular how and when you download the book onto your hard drive?  Thanks


                      Forget Adobe Digital editions.. it's too much hassle when this error shows up. use Kobo desktop instead, If that is where your e-books are from.. You can read e-books on your desktop just like you could  on  Adobe Digital editions  in the good old days before the  error showed up.


                      Download it from here: Kobo Desktop Reading App for Mac and Windows


                        I have the same problem. I called the dealer last week. A person told me that it was not the dealer's fault. She suggested to me to contact Adobe services and explained them the problem. I did it. No one could help us in this matter. We turn around with that. No one is responsable either for buying e-books or downloading a software for reading them.  Who is responsable and who will help us? In waiting, we can not read the e-books we bought with our money. At the time programmers made e-books, no one could think that any one could change of e-mail address or server!