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    Combine supported files in Acrobat 10 Pro fails for password protected files


      I use Acrobat 10 Pro and wanted to combine a number of pdf-files to one big file.

      It failed because the files in question have a permission password.


      After I bought Acrobat on first creation of a pdf-file I was asked set a password

      for reading and/or modifying it.


      I decided to set no password for reading, but one for modification namely

      <christian-name>.<surname> . I noted this down.


      When I got the error indication after I tried to combine some pdf-files I tried

      to remove the permission password. I was asked my password, but the program

      refuses to take it.


      What can i do, except to scan all the invoved pdf-documents once again, this time

      without any password. It's quite a lot of them.


      Thanks in advance.