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    Graphics cards for AE and PR. Geforce vs Quadro

    Nick Schale Level 1

      I'm shopping for a laptop to replace my 3 year old and supliment my tower.

      Main purpose : Video editing, photography work and some after effects.


      Main question: For Pr / AE. How much of a difference is there between:

      NVIDIA Geforce 780M = 1536 CUDA cores (4 GB DDR5)

      NVIDIA Geforce 765M =  768 Cuda Cores (2 GB DDR5)

      *On my tower I have a Quadro 5000 = 352 Cuda Cores (2.5 GB DDR5)


      The two laptops are $1,000 difference in price and I can 'assign' a dollar value to most of the differences.. i.e. the smaller laptop has 16GB ram vs 32GB... that's worth $x to me.


      I have no idea what the the 'value' between these two cards is. Is the 765m comparible to my Quadro 5000? And then is the 780m twice as good? I'm under the impression the Quadro 'handles' video better... is that true?