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    Burning BluRay HD discs?

    Hereford Bull

      How do I burn an HD Blu Ray disc from Premiere Elements 11? I have tried 3 times and got 3 SD discs! Should I select Disc (I did) or AVCHD? I also selected use full available space and it indicated a disc size of over 10GB, but the disc produced was less tha 6GB!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          To burn a BluRay disc, select Publish & Share/Disc and then select the BluRay option.


          If you do this, there is no way you'll get a standard definition video.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7

            Hereford Bull


            It is not clear what you are doing.


            Are you trying to burn your Premiere Elements 11 Timeline to a Blu-ray disc using Publish+Share/Disc/Blu-ray or something else?

            If you are doing as I have just mentioned, do not put a check mark next to "Fit Content to Available Space" unless the Space Required is above 23 GB for the BD-R 25 GB. Please check my blog post on that detail.



            That still does not explain your report of "3 SD disc". That sounds* like you are using a DVD disc and going the route of Publish+Share/Disc/DVD disc (that gets you DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc, SD or SD widescreen). If you are looking for a high definition format on a DVD disc, then you need to go the route Publish+Share/Disc/AVCHD disc to get the AVCHD format on the DVD disc.


            Please review and then let us know what is happening.






            *spelling correct after posting.

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              Hereford Bull Level 1

              I did just what Steve Grisetti said and I DID get an SD disc each time! That is why I asked the question.

              A T Roano's reply was more helpfull but did not solve my problem. I was trying to burn a full HD timeline (interlaced) to a "25GB" BluRay disc and each time I tried I got a 5.9GB disc.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7

                Hereford Bull


                Please excuse the additional questions, but I did not want to take anything for granted.


                I think it might be a misunderstanding in your reference to "SD disc", maybe or maybe not.


                You are clearly using 25 GB BluRay disc and burning your Premiere Elements Timeline to it to get Blu-ray disc format on a Blu-ray disc. So, here is the question...when have your Blu-ray disc in the burner tray and you are in the burn dialog, what are you seeing in its Quality area for Space Required and Bitrate when you have a check mark next to "Fit Content to Available Space"? Same question, but this time what is the Space Required and Bitrate when you do not have the next mark next to "Fit Content to Available Space"?


                By "SD disc" is that meant to imply that your full Timeline content is not being burned to the Blu-ray disc or something else? When you play back the content of the disc on your Blu-ray player is content missing?


                Looking forward to your follow up so that we can work through this.






                To me a SD disc would be, for example, a DVD disc spec'd at 4.7 GB/120 min where, in reality the 4.7 GB would equate to 4.28 GB.


                Please review and let me know what I may be misinterpreting.


                Thank you.



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                  Hereford Bull Level 1

                  In reply to A T Romano,

                  Having selected to burn to a Blu-Ray disc, with Fit to Available Space ticked the Space Required is given as 11.55GB at 24.00 Mbps. With it un-ticked the space required is given as 9.69GB at a bit rate of 20.19 Mbps.

                  When burning is completed the disc shows an overall space used as 6.385008640 bytes 5.94GB. When played on a Sony Blu-ray player into a Sony HD TV  the format is reported to be 576i, i,e, SD quality. (No ordinary DVDs were employed in any of this.)

                  Thank you for your assistance.

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7

                    Hereford Bull


                    If you explore the Blu-ray disc in your Computer, do you find the BDMV Folder and the Certificate Folder on that disc? If so, you have the Blu-ray disc format on that Blu-ray disc.


                    If you look further into the BDMV Folder to the STREAM Folder, do you find the 00000.m2ts file that represents your video?

                    Does that file show a frame width of 1920 pixels and a frame height of 1080 pixels?


                    If all of the above is true, then we need to look into the Sony Blu-ray player specifications and settings. Where do you see the 576i reported in the Sony Blu-ray player? It is a properties readout for the video or a player mode setting?


                    Looking forward to your results.


                    Thanks for the additional information. Very helpful.



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                      Hereford Bull Level 1

                      To answer your questions in order -


                      Yes I do find the BDMV Folder and the Certificate Folder.


                      Within the BDMV Folder and the STREAM Folder is the 00000.m2ts file.


                      How do I see what the frame width and height are, there is no information given apart from file size, date&time.


                      Regarding the Sony Blu-Ray player, the format of the file being played is displayed on the HD TV by selecting information about what is playing using the TV remote control. (The same control shows live TV formats as 1080p, 1080i or 576i according to the source).


                      Whilst the burning of an HD file onto the disc is my chief concern here I have another issue with burning from Elements 11. That is the time it takes. It took just over 2 hours to configure the info to burn. The burn then took only a few minutes. My computer is a 32bit 2.4GHz Quad Core machine with the maximum allowed 4GB of RAM under Windows XP SP2 and lots of hard drives of decent capacity. The machine is isolated from the WEB so runs no virus checker to slow it down.

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                        A.T. Romano Level 7

                        Hereford Bull


                        Follow up was much appreciated.


                        As for the resolution of the 00000.m2ts, when you click on the file, do you not see the frame size at the bottom as per the screenshot from my Windows 7 64 bit. I would think it comparable view wise for your Windows XP SP2.



                        Your Premiere Elements 11 is a 32 bit application running in your 32 bit Windows XP SP2, and it limited by the 32 bit resources. You seem to be aware of that already. Premiere Elements 11 is a 64 bit application only when it is installed on Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit. Then it can take full advantage of the 64 bit resources. This perk gets the hd and larger projects taken to completion successful more often than not. Isolating the computer from the WEB can have its good and bad sides. There may be occasions when the program suddenly decides it needs to activate a process. You need to be online for that to get that activation process done.


                        Right now I am heading in this direction for your issues

                        a. SD Disc and 576i....I suspect that is a player problem, either a malfunction or the way the reading is being interpreted.

                        b. The burn to Blu-ray time that you would like to see shorter...that is going to depend on the complexity of your Timeline as well as resources...I suspect that your 32 bit system resources is limiting that...but even with 64 bit application on 64 bit computer that does not always translate into "faster"...it is more a multitasking perk....are you multitasking during the burn to?...I suspect not but I will ask anyway so as not to take anything for granted.


                        Please review.





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                          Hereford Bull Level 1

                          Windows XP does not show the frame size so I copied the 0000.m2ts file to a USB hard drive and plugged that into this, our only Windows 7 64 bit machine.(This machine does not play Blu-Ray discs hence the need to go via an intermediary transfer). It showed it as an AVCHD file with a frame size of 1920 x 1080 25fps and 5.92GB. However, when viewed on a 40" Sony HD TV it is a bit under-whelming in sharpness compared with my expectations.


                          Since all three Blu-Ray discs only have a small band of recording I was suspicous and when the TV said it was 576i I felt sure that it was only SD. My timeline is about 58 mins and when saved to a HDD it was around 13GB. I therefore expected this to occupy more of the Blu-Ray disc.


                          Thanks again for your persistence in helping me, it is much appreciated

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                            I am having a similar problem burning a Blu-Ray.  I did all the required steps to Publish/Share, selected to disk and then to Blu Ray. I upgraded to a PME 12. Getting a "media not present" yellow traingle. Running 64 bit PME 12 downloaded yesterday on Win 7 64-bit system. Loaded a brand new Memorex BD-R disc. The OS sees the drive, recognizes an empty disk, but PME 12 does not.  Any suggestions ?

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9



                              As a test, I would try media, other than Memorex. Their business model is to buy the cheapest blank media that day, and then rebrand it. Some users have reported up to 5 different brands of media, in a spindle of 50 Memorex - though all had the Memerox logos.


                              Verbatim is a very good brand of blank media.


                              Good luck, and please let us know how that test goes.



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                                A.T. Romano Level 7



                                Please review what has been written in this thread already beyond the thread title. I mentioned that only because your answers will not be found in what is written for Hereford Bull. I want to get you in the appropriate perspective.


                                Your issue is unlike that of Hereford Bull. That user gets Status Ready and does achieve the burn to Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc. You on the other hand cannot burn to disc because you do not have Blu-ray disc recognition somewhere along the line.


                                Hereford Bull has demonstrated that the Blu-ray disc format is being burned to Blu-ray disc. That issue I believe resides in the player.


                                Now for your specific issue..do you see that yellow triangle any where but next to Status: Media Not Present?


                                Trying anothe brand/type disc would be the next step. These Blu-ray discs can be expense. You may want to look into the BD-RE 25 GB so that you can reuse them (Premiere Elements will overwrite (not add to) what is already on that type of disc). I have been using the Verbatim brand without problem. Shop around online for the best price.


                                Do you have the opportunity to test your current Blu-ray discs on someone else's Premiere Elements setup? Or for that matter, can you burn to Blu-ray with these Memorex Blu-ray discs if you use the Blu-ray software that came with your Blu-ray burner?


                                Please review the above and let us know the outcome.


                                Thank you.



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                                  Hereford Bull Level 1

                                  You were right all along, the Sony BD player was not setup correctly for Blu-Ray HD. After many tests checking my various file versions on this Windows 7 computer I found that they were all 1080. When the files were played to the Sony TV via this computer they all came out HD. I then re-set the Sony BDdisc player settings to suit and all is well. I now get 1080P 50 playback on the TV and they all look sharp.

                                  Many thanks for all your help, it was greatly appreciated. High qualit, accurate help is so important.

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                                    A.T. Romano Level 7

                                    Hereford Bull


                                    Thank you for the follow up. We are very pleased that you have resolved the issue. Great job.


                                    We are grateful for the opportunity to be of assistance.


                                    Best wishes.



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                                      Ritchey Level 1

                                      I have tried BDs from Maxell, Memorex and Verbatim.  All give me the same "Media not Present".  I checked the drivers for my hp BD and all are current.  When I put any of these new discs in the burner, the OS identifies all of them as there and no data (since they are all new and empty).


                                      I did successfully burn a DVD Premier elements 12 movie yesterday on this same drive and it works fine in my Sony BD player (attached to my TV), so electrically it seems to work.  I still have Premier elements  11 on this computer and it gives me the same error message.


                                      This BD burner came with my hp computer from the factory.


                                      Any suggestions?

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                                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                                        Thanks for the additional details. Very helpful.


                                        Have you tried an uninstall/reinstall of Premiere Elements 12, specifically


                                        Deactivate the program Help Menu/Sign Out

                                        Uninstall via the usual Control Panel route

                                        ccleaner run through (regular cleaner and registry cleaner)  https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner



                                        That approach has worked in the past on occasion. It is worth a try although the fact that Premiere Elements 11 is similarly affected makes the idea questionable. If you have not already, you might check the Device Manager to get the name of your burner and then go to the HP web site to see if the burner has a history of this type of issue.


                                        Please update us on your progress when you get a chance.





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                                          Ritchey Level 1

                                          I have now uninstalled PRE 11 and PRE 12.  Reinstalled PRE 12.  I cleaned out all temp files and have over 1.3 TB free. Put in a brand new Verbatim blank blu-ray and get the same error message - media not present.


                                          I created a 12.5 GB movie from PRE 12 as an MPEG, saved it to my Library, I requested my W7 -64-bit OS to burn this file to the same hp drive I have tried to get PRE 11 and 12 to burn, and it did it perfectly.  Now I have a nice data disk, but no menus etc.


                                          Checked for all new drivers and firmware updates. All up to date. This is a hp BD-RE BH40L device with no history of problems. It had a predecessor BH20L that did have some driver and firmware issues inside of non-mainstream PCs.


                                          It seems this drive runs fine from the operating system, but just want shake hands with PRE 12 or 11. 


                                          Any other ideas?

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                                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                                            Most of these types of issues can be found ending up with the user replacing the burner when all else fails or obtaining Blu-ray disc image and taking that to Blu-ray disc with ImgBurn.


                                            But, let me ask this "When are you inserting the Blu-ray disc in the Blu-ray burner tray -  before or after you have Premiere Elements opened? If you are not doing so already, try inserting the Blu-ray disc in the Blu-ray burner tray before you open Premiere Elements program. Did or does that make a difference?


                                            As for Blu-ray disc image, Premiere Elements Windows does not have a feature for creating disc images and/or burning your Timeline content to a Blu-ray folder (as for DVD and AVCHD). Please take a look at my blog post on using Phantom Burner in conjunction with Premiere Elements to create a Blu-ray disc image which can be taken to Blu-ray disc in ImgBurn.


                                            That should work provided you do not have Premiere Elements 12 on Windows 8 or 8.1 64 bit.


                                            I will think about this some more and will be watching for futher developments with your testing.