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    Removing unwanted vertical white space in a cell/row automatically

    Alex Damaceno

      Hi, everyone.


      I've just started using a new method of importing tables into InDesign - selecting the table from a Word document,

      changing the pasting style to "All Information" (in Edit > Preferences > Clipboard Handling).


      Then, I apply the Cell Styles (all of them with their own Paragraph Style). They all have their Inset settings well defined.


      In most cells, I just use Top Cell Inset, to keep the text baseline together with the cell's bottom limit.


      But, since the table comes form a Word document, usually with a bigger font size,

      most of the time, there's that extra vertical space inside the rows after I apply my Cell Styles

      and InDesign tells me that I have to manually remove that extra vertical space in every single row.


      Does anyone know a script/plug-in that removes this unwanted vertical space automatically?


      Thanks in advance.