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    Odd Basic Navigation Issue-CS4/Indesign/Acrobat


      I'm teaching an interactive document unit with my students, and right now we're just doing basic interactive work. Today was their first day adding functionality in the form of Forward/Backward buttons for a document. We created the buttons from basic text on the master page. We simply assigned them an "On Release" action of "Go to next page," and "Go to previous page"



      When we export the document, I made sure they check the book to include interactive elements. Every student's worked fine as expected except for one. No matter what we did, the buttons were clickable in Acrobat, but they would not change pages. I triple checked everything on the InDesign end, but to no avail. I'm guessing this is something machine specific on Acrobat's end.


      Any ideas?

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you exported the PDF what compatibility did you choose?


          Is the compatibility you choose higher than the version of Acrobat viewing on?



          What you can try is using the PDF options from a computer that worked.


          In the Persons PDF options that works choose Save Preset


          Then load that preset on the other computer in


          File>Adobe PDF Presets> and select the file.