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    Uploading values for an image field in a web app. Nothing displays in layout.


      I've uploaded the values (using the import) for a field defined as an image in a web app. When I try to display the field, nothing shows up. The value correctly shows up when I look at Web App items after the upload / import. I've uploaded the same value in a text field, just to learn what was happening, and the text field displays the image just fine when added to the layout.


      I would like to use the image field type, as it's easier to correctly create the link when the web app is updated in the future.


      Here is what works in the layout: <a href="{tag_link to page}"> <img alt="" class="column66_award_thumb" id="thx" src="{tag_image thumb}" /></a>


      Note that {tag_image thumb} is a text field with the link stored in it. The value for each Web App Item which populates this field is a link to the image. (i.e. /Awards/139.jpg)


      Here is what I want to work: <a href="{tag_link to page}"> <img alt="" class="column66_award_thumb" id="thx" src="{tag_thumbnail image_value}" /></a>  , where {tag_thumbnail image_value} refers to a field defined as an image in the web app. It has the exact same value as {tag_image thumb}. I just copied the field values in the Excel spreadsheet (saved as .csv) when I uploaded it.


      It looks like the image field works fine only when I manually create it in the web app. If this is the case, using the upload capability disables any ability to use the image field type.


      Is there a workaround for this? Am I missing something?


      The page I'm working on is http://www.e-a-a.com/awards  When you view the source, you can see that the small thumbnail images are displaying just fine. (I'm using the text field). Whenever I substitute the image field name {tag_thumbnail image}, {tag_thumbnail image_nolink}, or {tag_thumbnail image_value}, the src value is always null.


      How do I fix?