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    PDF links?


      I built a interactive PDF using InDesign. It has 9 links on the page. My client needs to have the link work from the email they'll send out. The PDF works fine but only if viewed in Adobe Reader. If you click on the PDF it selects the whole page not the individual link button? How do I fix this?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Links are really only guaranteed in Adobe Reader or Acrobat. Other 3rd party PDF readers may or may not follow all of the PDF specifications.


          Your client has to state to their recipients that for links to work they should be using or download the free Adobe Reader and provide a link to the Adobe download page.

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            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            In the email? The only email app that I know of that will give you a

            preview of a PDF is Apple Mail but that's all it is...a preview. If you

            need live links in an email you'll have to build it with HTML.

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              info@drb Level 1

              Thanks for the info. I did hear back from this David Blaner fellow, instructor at Lynda.com suggesting what I tried to do wiill only work the way you suggest.

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                info@drb Level 1

                The PDF in my Apple Mail does show what you suggest, it even allowed it to link to the Adobe reader. Seems what I was lead to believe InDesign could do and what my limited knowledge of the program and HTML stuff has me in a bit of a pickle with my clients.