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    Link images by drive letter rather than UNC path

    Jason Spohn IT

          When we link images to a document it will make the path of the linked image a UNC path (Example: \\server01\path\to\file). This creates a problem with some users that we have that travel between offices and are using files that are on a different server UNC path (Example: \\server02\path\to\file). The files are the same as they are being synced between the two offices and the users laptop maps the current location to a drive (Example: F:\).

           The problem here is that because the program is mapping the files per UNC path and not by drive letter the pathing is pointing to a server that is not local and the file is extremly slow to work with. The remote server is connected with a VPN connection that is obviously not as fast as the local servers version. If there is some way to map the linked files to the driver letter then this would not be an issue because the program would be pointing to the local server.

           I found another post where a person had a similar experience and was told to post it in the scripting forum but i could not find any realted information in that forum. Im not sure if this is something that is even doable but i am looking for any solution that could:

           a) map the linked files to a drive letter rather than UNC path

           b) script in some way the pathing from \\server01 to \\server02 quickly and without having to manually go through the entire document every time a person moves between offices.


           I guess the other solution would be to have all the linked files located locally on his laptop hard drive but that just seems like a bad way to do things.


      Thank you!