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    beeping sounds when running photoshop CC with open files...




      I started gettting randing but re-curring beeping sounds from Photoshop CC whenever I open a file (any file). While files are open I keep getting this annoying beeping sound repeatedly. I have tested my computer to see if it's some other issue but it's directly associated with Photoshop and I can't figure out what it is. I thought at first it's going to be my hard-drive or something as I've had similar situations like this before where I had to replace the drive. The only problem here is it doesn't happen with any other app except photoshop.


      Memory / resource ussage at launch starts at almost 800k. When 1-2 files are open, memory / resource usage jumps to over 1,100,000K within minutes. If I add total adobe resources being used, it is higher than the 1,500,000K mark. This includes their multiple instances of CF helper, Creative cloud.


      I also never saw the "Photoshop-node.exe *32" process running before until last night, taking up 40K, (Evented I/O for v8 Javascript)


      Please help, thanks!