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    Can't change language on existing document


      On a Mac with an existing CS6 InDesign document, I have tried everything to change the spell check to use a UK language, e.g., I want "programme", not "program".


      1. Before I open the document, I have selected InDesign/Preferences/Dictionary and changed to English: UK language.


      2. Once the document is opened:

        - I have changed all the paragraph styles (Advanced Character Formats) to English: UK language;

        - I have no Character Styles so nothing to change there;

        - I have gone to Edit/Spelling/User Dictionary and changed language to English: UK.


      When I open Edit/Spelling/Check Spelling, the language is set to English: UK. But when I start to spell check, it doesn't pick up any of the words that I know need changing for UK English (i.e., programme, not program)!


      Help! What else can I do?