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    DNG converter for older versions of MAC OS?

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      I'm helping a friend who is happily using PS CS3 on a Mac with Lion or Lepard.  I'm a PC person so I'm not sure what those two names mean.  Anyway, he has a couple of newer cameras (a Sony and a Nikon) for which CS3 can't interpret the RAW files.  As I understand, Adobe is not providing support in CS3 for new RAW files and my friend does not want to upgrade to a later version of Photoshop CS or CC.  So, I suggested the free Adobe DNG converter. 


      In looking at the Adobe specs on the DNG copnverter, it says that it requires Mac OS X 10.6 through 10.8.  So, two questions:


      1)  Is OS X 10.6 tru 10.8 the same as Lion or Lepard (I suspect not)


      2)  Is there an "older" version of the Adobe DNG converted I can have him download that is compatible with his OS and has (or can get) the code for recent cameras?


      Thanks -- Dan