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    Setting the location of an placed item from a library - Indesign scripting


      I have managed to coble together a script that will change the slug dimensions and drop a slug box into the page. I can tell it to move to a location on the page. But I want it to sit at the bottom of the slug at the left hand edge of the pasteboard regardless of the page size. Please can anyone help? New to scripting and very grateful for any help thanks... The red text denotes the Y. But can I tell it to range bottom of slug? Thanks folks!


      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS6"

                set myDocument to active document



                tell document preferences of active document

                          set slug bottom offset to "65mm"

                          set slug top offset to "10mm"

                          set slug inside or left offset to "10mm"

                          set slug right or outside offset to "10mm"

                end tell


                tell myDocument

                          set myLayer to make layer

                          set name of myLayer to "Slug"

                end tell


                set placedAsset to asset "Slug" of library "Library.indl"

      place asset placedAsset on myDocument

                set geometric bounds to {182, 10, 0, 352}

      end tell