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    Issues with Keydown and Sprite Animation


      Please bear with me guys... I'm still learning Javascript and am new to edge.


      I'm trying to animate a sprite sheet I made of Kirby from the NES classic, Kirby's Adventure, but am having two major problems (see video):


      1. The sprite animation stops playing smoothly after the set label plays once on the timeline (it freezes on the first frame if I continue to hold the key down).


      2. The sprite position will not move at all (should be moving to the right).



      I've been looking at this particular thread for help, but I'm having trouble applying the fix to my code to see if it works.


      Anyways, here is my code for keydown:


      var spriteSheet = sym.getSymbol("spriteSheet");

      //var kirbySpriteSheet = sym.getSymbolElement("kirbySpriteSheet");

      // Get the jQuery handle for the element an Edge Animate Symbol Javascript Object.




      //"d" walkRight animation


      if (e.which == 68) {





      //Move to the right




                          right: '+=10px'








      And my code for keyup:


      var spriteSheet = sym.getSymbol("spriteSheet");

      var kirbySpriteSheet = sym.getSymbolElement("kirbySpriteSheet");

      // insert code to be run when the user stops pressing a key.

      // The variable “e.which” tells you the key code of the key that was pressed, e.g. 13 = enter

      if (e.which == 68) {//stop "d", which means stop going right

                // play the timeline from the given position (ms or label)








      If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thank you in advance!