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    Mission 2 - Levelup - How can I advance?

    cowboysnangels33 Level 1

      I completed Mission 1 with no problems. Mission 2 - Brightness/Contrast is another story. I load the sample image, click adjustments, brightness, auto. I make sure the preview is on, legacy is unchecked and I used the slide bars to adjust the color. I get it to where it looks the way I think it should and I save and the mission won't complete. Is there something I am not doing or not doing correctly? Can someone help? I love that this program is available to help me learn to use Photoshop and can't wait to advance to other steps. Thanks.

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          ranielse Adobe Employee

          Hmmm. That's the first time I've heard of a problem occurring this early in the missions. Are you on Mac or Windows? Never mind about the browser; that shouldn't matter...


          Finally, can you please confirm that you are running Photoshop CC and not an earler version?



          Randy Nielsen

          Product Integration Manager, Creative Cloud Learning