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    Flash Install Problem On Tablet




      I have an Insignia NS-13T001 tablet running Android 4.1.1. Have been trying to download Flash Player. On the Flash Player website, I get a message that says "Your system: LInux 64 bit, English, Chrome ".


      I then get a message saying:


      "Select version to download:


      YUM for Linux


      .tar.gz for other Linux


      .rpm for other Linux"


      Not sure what to do here.



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          Mike M Level 6

          There is no more Flash Player for Android. Google ended all support for Flash Player on Android devices last year. The "Linux" message is probably a javascript misreading your browser, but it's not relevant.
          Android, (like Apple with iOS)  cites the following reason for dropping Flash support "Playing Flash content is processor consumptive and kills batteries as well as reducing battery life in mobile devices."

          Android (Google) recommends using "Dolphin" or "Puffin" as your browser to view Flash content. They're free in the GooglePlay store, and they use "server side" rendering to reduce the load on your Android mobile device.

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            bobbrown1234 Level 1



            Many thanks for your prompt reply. Will try the other browers.