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    CS6 RT3D- not seeing  my edge in main comp?

    Netcommercial Level 1

      HI All,

      CS6 here Windows- Trying to get a Pre-comped LOGO created in 3Drt to carry over to main comp and show it's extrude... here are some screen shots and notes to preview.


      I tried light to show extrude... no luck.

      I tried does not accept light to use it's own light source No luck

      I am losing my edge value on rotation, when the LOGO rotates it exposes a post card in space not an extruded text layer as seen in last pic pre-comp (>spread)


      accepts lights on ok.PNGacepts lights off ok.PNG


      Both above are LOGO accepting lights off and on.... Ok for viz..


      light on 90 no go.PNGlight off 90 no go.PNG

      This is a rotation shot light on and off..no edge to see or viz...


      Below is Pre-comp

      Pre comp view.PNG