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    Flex 4 display selected item from spark DropDownList


      Hi, I am newbie to Flex, I has a question to display the currently selected item from the DropDownList control(s) in the application. For example totalscreen that drop down with [1, 2, 3, 4] if 3 is selected then the only items in localscreen drop down will be [1, 2,3] and if the 2 is selected,for the nextworkscreen will only have 1 is display. I am using the dropdownlist and ArrayCollection.


      enter image description here

      private function updateLocal(event:IndexChangeEvent):void


                     var aLocal:Array = [];

                     var idx:uint;

                     var length:uint = totalscreenSelect.selectedItem.data;

                     for(idx=0; idx<length; idx++)







      i try to use Array and  using ArrayCollection too, however there are error also.


      <s:DropDownList id="totalscreenSelect" dataProvider="{_dataProviders}" change="updateLocal(event);"/>




      Any thoughts on if this is possible and if so how to implement it would really be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.



      Using Flash Builder 4.7 with Apache Flex 4.11 sdk