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    Strange Behaviour InDesign CS6

    Michael R. Davis

      I have CS6 InDesign installed on two machines at work both using Windows XP SP3. When we do a particular series of tasks we get different results on the two machines.

      We create a page 90x50mm, margins of 5mm all sides, create a text frame of complete area inside margins and fill the frame with placeholder text. Then on same layer draw a box measuring 90x55mm with 1pt black rule.

      Now from the pages panel duplicate the page with the proxy in top left corner. Using the page size tool change the size of page 2 to 360x275mm. This is where one machine shows the business card box and text in the top left hand corner of the page and the other computer shows the text in the top left hand corner but resizes the surrounding box to the size of the new page 2 i.e. 360x275mm.

      What could be causing this to happen; have I missed a setting somewhere?