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    auto  image  correction

    vasilisnikolo Level 1

      hello  i  have  gimp  but  i  want  to make  the  next  step ( photoshop).i  have   the  trial  of  it  but  i  can't  find  options  like ''auto  image  correction''  ,''auto  color  correction''  like  gimp  has.fhotoshop  CC  has  similar  features?also  can  with  lasso correct  specific   areas  of   images?

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Do you mean something like

          Image > Auto Tone

          Image > Auto Contrast

          Image > Auto Color



          The Lasso Tool is a Selection Tool, so it can not »correct  specific   areas  of   images« but it can be used to make Selections which can in turm be used to make localized Adjustments, lift elements onto Layers of their own, transform parts of a Layer, be used as Layer Masks for Adjustment Layer etc.