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    HowTo? Script to adjust new PV-2012 sliders in ACR?

    ldallan Level 1

      I've used ExtendScript with CS5 to browse and modify the "CalibrateAcr" scripts developed by Thomas Fors, and modified by Rags Gardner.



      Some of what they were doing was "over my head" ... I didn't fully comprehend what they were doing. The scripts were able to work with an image opened in Photoshop, and somehow adjust the ACR sliders for that image.


      Those scripts assumed ProcessVersion 2010 or earlier, and had routines to modify Basic and advanced settings, such as Exposure, Contrast, Shadows, Blacks, etc. The point of the scripts was an alternate way to calibrate a camera sensor. The scripts are not maintained and considered obsolete, with better approaches to camera calibration now.


      I'd like to figure out how to update those scripts to work with PV-2012, particularly changing "new" sliders on the Basic tab like "Shadows", "Highlights", and "Whites". My uninformed speculation is that routines to modify sliders for "Exposure", "Contrast", and/or "Blacks" may still work.