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    pasted objects subject to default stroke and fill.


      I am trying to copy information (objects and type) from an already completed project to a side project where everything needs to be identical to its original.  When I am copying my grouped selection from my CC document and pasting it into the new one the objects become subject to what appears to be a default stroke and fill rather than retaining the original attributes from the existing file. 


      Could you please advise me on how to amend this issue.


      Thank you



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          Doc Maik Level 4

          This is most probably because you might have altered the default object style (name like "Default object style") and not created a new one. Once you copy the objects to the other document, where it also has a default object style with that name, that object style is not overwritten (exactly because the name is equal) and the properties of that other style are applied.


          Solution: never use default objects styles. This is sometimes wanted to have paragraph or object styles with same names in different document, which only differ, for example, in the language setting.