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    Weird problem with performance cache and CC TypeKit

    pkroll Level 1

      So, every once in a while I load up an AE project and lo and behold, all of my TypeKit fonts are offline.


      The CC dropdown dashboard thingy will say "no internet connection" which is not true, and then after I click re-try a few times, I can re-load my AE project and all the fonts are now online again.


      It's pretty frustrating that this happens at all, and if anyone knows a way to get it so that this momentary loss of connection which TypeKit seems to be imagining doesn't knock all my fonts offline, that would be awesome.


      However, this isn't the worst of it. If I have viewed any frames in that project while it is open, the global performance cahce has now dutifully saved them with the wrong font.


      And the only way I know of to clear that is to clear the entire disk cache. Which sucks.


      Any ideas?