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      Thank you for the reply.  I have tried the old e-mail and it said that it is not available. I think this is the e-mail that I used before (2011 when I joined), but it won't give me access to it. I must tell you that at that stage I also used Windows XP, now I am on Windows 7.


      I tried a completely diffirent e-mail and still experienced the same problem.


      I went back to the current e-mail and still the same.


      I also uninstalled the Digital Editions and took the advice that you gave another person with the ctrl etc. and that also did not work.


      Do you have any other suggestions?


      Even if you have to sort this out your side, it will be appreciated, becuase I have purchased a few books, that is now of no use to me.


      Thanx for your assistance!