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    Future QR Code Option Additions?


      We use QR Codes quite a bit here at my work. Currently we use a 3rd party website to generate them but now that we're moving to CC I'm trying to convince people to change our work instructions to incorporate QR Code usage out of InDesign. The only problem is at this point there is a lot of manual adjustments that need to be made to the QR Codes that ID generates which actually makes it not all that much of a time saver as opposed to using that other website.


      Some things I'd like to see incorporated into the QR Code options are:


      • Specific code size. Right now it drops in a default size which is on odd 1.1811" square (including a "quiet zone" around the graphic) I'd like to control the size of the code and the size of the white space around the code just by keying in a number or setting a default in the prefences much like a page set up with size and margin..
      • Hyperlinking. There should be an option on the code to automatically turn it into a clickable hyperlink. That seems like a no brainer.
      • Exporting the Graphic. I like that I can drag/drop the image into illustrator or photoshop but I wish I could just click on it and select an option that says something like, "Export as EPS" or Save a Copy as Jpg" or something. It would be another big time saver becase we're REQUIRED to have an external link saved incase they want to use the QR Codes on another product which is NOT built in InDesign (ie: word)
      • QR Code Palett. In some products we may have several QR Codes. It would be nice if there was a pallet that listed them all so that we could easily browse them as well as being able to click/change the codes all from one central pane.


      Who do I need to talk to to make these things happen?