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    Moving anchor point with arrow keys crashes Photoshop CC


      Hey guys,


      I've recently run into this bug many times while working with shapes. Don't really know what initiates it but it's super annoying as it crashes the PS CC completely without possiblity of recovering the unsaved files.


      The bug appears while working with shapes after file is saved and reopened. Because I use to design pixel-perfect UIs, I work with arrow keys a lot to be sure every pixel is in the right place. So after selecting one or more anchor points of shape and hitting any arrow key (to move it by pixel), photoshop immediately crashes with this super-long description of bug: http://justpaste.it/ccshapecrash


      Dunno why but this occurs very often when handling 1px-thin rectangles.


      Is it only me or has anybody else experienced this as well? Any idea what exactly is causing it or what might be wrong with my config?


      Never seen that kind of error in Photoshop before. It completely destroys my everyday workflow