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    Edit "dip to white" so it fades into another color?

    Dr_B0B Level 1


      I'm working with premiere elements 11.

      I'm trying to get the dip to white transition to makes it so my clip fades into another color, like blue or green.


      Is there any transition that does this? If not, is there any way to get it to do so?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          How about creating a 1 to 3 sec color matte (video 2) which will center align between the clips (video 1). Then keyframe the Opacity of the color matte, 0% at the beginning of the color matte, 100% at the 50% point, and 0% at the end of the color matte.


          I am not sure whether you would also want a genuine 1 to 3 sec Dip to White between the clips (video 1) at the same time. I road tested that and it seems to work for me.


          Please let us know if that worked for you.


          I will see what else I can find on the topic.