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    Creating Enhanced CD


           I'm interested in making an enhanced CD for a personal project. Ultimately I want it to look something like this:





           My knowledge of flash is fairly basic, but I'm somewhat comfortable working with the program and have already finished pieces to this project.


           I've made a compilation video from recordings and music videos that I would like to use as the intro. I've imported it to Flash already and it plays in it's own scene, just confused on how to create buttons and link from scene to scene. I've also got the player/jukebox working properly.


           I've been googling for tutorials for the last hour to no avail; so I decided to try my luck here. If anyone knows of any tutorials or would be kind enought to at least get me started that would be great.


      Thank you in advance!



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          KevinHarris Level 1

          I would like the hierarchy of the flash project to go like this:


          -Main Intro (with "jump to menu" button)


          -Sub Intro (with "jump to menu" button)







          Working in ActionScript 2 and CS5.

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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            create a button (insert>new symbol>button) and place it on stage.  in the properties panel while it's selected, assign it an instance name, eg (gotoMenu_btn).


            click on the frame with your menu and in the properties panel assign a frame name (eg, menu_frame).


            you can then attach to the frame that contains gotoMenu_btn (in the actions panel):





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              moccamaximum Level 5

              While you are right that your project is perfectly doable with Flash, you realize that there are tons of freeware porducts out there that specialize in that kind of requirement ?

              ( http://www.cupidsystems.com/products/smart-cd-menu-creator/).

              Apart from being a not-so-useful exercise in learning an (outdated) programing language version: expect some trouble when you actually burn that CD and want to distribute it to your firends or add it to an online portfolio.

              Just saying.