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    Problem exporting InDesign 5.5 to PDF (part 2)


      Back before Thanksgiving I submitted this same problem that began  after upgrading to Mavericks, but I was trying to export an 80 page magazine at the time and didn't have time to track down the problem, so I found a workaround... an inconvenient workaround, but a workaround nonetheless.


      Now, the same problem has re-surfaced in a much simpler project, a different font, and I have managed to track it down to a single item... small caps.


      When I export to PDF, InDesign stalls at the end of the process. A complete and useable PDF is produced, but I have to force quit to stop the process and then I have to re-start InDesign.


      My current project is a poster with lots of type on the back. I systematically changed each font/face to helvetica roman, producing a PDF after each change, and having to force quit each time once the process stalled. Then I started deleting boxes of type and graphics until I got to the one that was causing the stall... a small box with about 6 lines of type in small caps. When I changed it to regular, InDesign went thru the normal process to generate the pdf with no stall. When I changed it back to small caps, InDesign stalled again when trying to generate the PDF.


      As soon as I have time, I will go back thru the magazine and see if i used any small caps (yeah, i don't remember) in the magazine, but for now I will toss this out to the experts and see what y'all can come up with.


      Thank you in advance for your help.