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    Edits to a JPG Smart Object  in a layered TIFF file:  DOES NOT Save to the originally placed file?

    JimmysPhoto Level 1

      When placing a JPG as a Smart Object (and even multiples) into a layered TIFF file:  If I open each layered Smart Object JPG, make changes as a JPG and SAVE the file, I expect the ORIGINAL SOURCE JPG file that was placed to also be saved- I thought that is the file I was editing!


      This SUCKS!  To capture my edits to the original individual files:  I now have to open each layed TIF file, Edit each smart object JPG and SAVE AS to overwrite the original and capture my changes?  Is this the way its always been- I don't think it has.  How can I edit a Smart Object file in a layered document and ALSO update the SOURCE file?