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    Why is a very bad version of McAfee being installed when I already have a version of McAfee


      I'm having a hard time understanding the logic behind this. I have to uninstall software to install the software I want because you're insisting on installing this nonsense.


      O and I'm complaining to McAfee since I'm a customer and I'm sure as **** not staying with them if they keep this up.


      Thank you for contacting McAfee Consumer Support.  An agent will be with you shortly.



      Srinivasan Cs (21:57:24):

      Hello, . Please give me a moment while I review the description you have typed in.



      Customer (21:57:34):

      Basically I want to make a complaint



      Srinivasan Cs (22:00:50):

      As I understand your concern, when you download adobe flash some Mcafee version is automatically installed despite of having valid  McAfee subscription?



      Customer (22:01:11):




      Srinivasan Cs (22:01:19):

      I apologize for the inconvenience caused.



      Customer (22:01:22):

      it seems to be bundled with Adobe flash player

      Customer (22:01:29):

      and I don't want it



      Srinivasan Cs (22:01:58):

      Thank you, . I will definitely help you with that. Please give me a minute to check your account details.



      Customer (22:02:00):

      could you ask Adobe to stop bundling it together or provide McAfee customers with Adobe flashplayer without this as I have to uninstall it on every computer



      Srinivasan Cs (22:02:19):

      I will help you with that.

      Srinivasan Cs (22:02:54):

      , I see that you have valid McAfee products registered under the e-mail address --------------



      Customer (22:02:58):

      not my all access just this other nonsense

      Customer (22:03:05):




      Srinivasan Cs (22:03:25):

      Peter, the issue you have described is a technical related concern and would be best addressed and resolved by our Technical support team. I can help you get in touch with them. Would it be okay if I transfer your chat session to our free technical chat support team?



      Customer (22:03:48):

      well no i don't need technical assistance

      Customer (22:04:04):

      i want McAfee not to bundle products with Adobe flash

      Customer (22:04:14):

      otherwise I'm going to go elsewhere for security needs in future

      Customer (22:04:16):

      this is a complaint

      Customer (22:04:33):

      the McAfee I paid for works fine

      Customer (22:04:49):

      I just don't see why this very poor version of McAfee is being forced on people

      Customer (22:04:58):

      and would like a clear explaination of why this is happening

      Customer (22:05:15):

      if not i want to lodge a complaint and ask that you do not do this in future

      Customer (22:05:23):

      or just implore your company not to do it

      Customer (22:05:32):

      as you're not going to sell more products in doing so

      Srinivasan Cs (22:06:10):

      It is a free tool given to all the adobe customers. You can uncheck the tool during installation. However I would like to inform you that it is offered through Adobe,



      Customer (22:06:17):


      Customer (22:06:19):

      you can't anymore

      Customer (22:06:25):

      it was installed with no uncheck

      Customer (22:06:45):

      yes i know this but I want to make a complaint to you

      Customer (22:07:11):

      as I already have McAfee and either Adobe is misrepresenting McAfee or there is poor business practise going on

      Customer (22:07:16):

      and would like to make this complaint


      I will point out that I will make a complaint with the EU on the grounds of this being a way of monopolising the market, like internet explorer which is useless.