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    Cannot find photos after editing them in Photoshop CS5


      I have been having computer issues since last Thursday.  I have photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 5.   I use Window 7 desk top with a Eizo monitor.   My computer was freezing up on me, mouse not wanting to move, says disc driver not responding the tower seems to run continuously.   My sister tried everything that she could think of she is a IT technician and finally she thought that is whas something that windown update was doing under my user name for the computer.  So she made a new user account and transferred everything over from my old user name to the new user name.    We even put in a new video card.    When I go into lightroom- do edit in photoshop- get it into photoshop- edit and save picture I have no idea where it is ?   I have tried both save and save as when saving out of photoshop.   Before I could just hit save as-name file and it would automatically go into lighroom with the edits I did in photoshop.    It is not being saved in lightroom under previous import either.   Any help would be great.