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    USB Debugging Android OS 4.2.x or Above Failing

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      Hey all,


      I starting to get more and more devices that both don't come with a USB driver (relying on MTP) and fail to authorize themselves with Windows. Not all 4.2 devices do this however, I'm noticing Samsung is pretty special in this way.


      I have the latest Android SDK, the default google USB driver as well. 'adb devices' continuously shows devices as 'unauthorized'. I've read people do simple things like unplug/replug, uncheck/recheck USB debugging, restart the device and all possible combinations of those things in any order. My older devices dutifully ask me upon connection or USB Debugging enablement if the PC I connected it to is allowed and once I click OK the device is authorized (like my 4.1.2 Samsung Galaxy S3). This screen NEVER comes up on newer devices, never offering a way to authorize the device.


      Android devices that work

      • Samsung Galaxy S3 (4.1.2)
      • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" (4.1.2)
      • ASUS Transformer 10.1" (4.0.3)
      • ASUS Transformer Infinity 10" (4.2.1)
      • Lenovo IdeaTab 7" (4.0)
      • ASUS MeMO SmartPad 10.1" (4.1)
      • Sony Xperia Tablet Z 10" (4.2.2)


      Devices that refuse to authorize:

      • Samsung Galaxy S4 (4.3)
      • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (4.3)
      • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0" (4.2.2)


      The obvious trend here is, Samsung and anything over 4.2 doesn't seem to work (allow authorization). I can find nothing but Kies software with a "reinstall USB driver" option which I've installed and tried but these devices merely are visible in windows, allow file transfers with no issues, show up in 'adb devices' as 'unauthorized' and in Flash Builder 4.7 they show up as their serial numbers, 'online' and AIR is not installed, with no OS version.


      Has anyone had any luck with a late Samsung device and USB debugging, or getting the devices to authorize with the OS? As much as I've narrowed it (which doesn't help) is OS 4.2 and up now ask for a RSA fingerprint for authorization from Windows whereas 4.1 and below do not. Somehow only the older Galaxy Tab and Sony are getting this. I guess Samsung is just having an issue (with Win7 Pro 64bit).


      Any native developers know how to force a device to authorize?