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    Prefilling Info on FormsCentral PDF


      Hello everyone!


      I was hoping someone would be able to help me with an issue I am having with my FormsCentral fillable PDF.


      I am trying to create a questionnaire that can be completed by our clients and submitted online. I have everything ready to go on my custom made form, but I am now trying to figure out if there is any way that to have select info (Ie. Name, phone number etc) prefill so that our clients are aware of the info we currently have on file and can advise of any changes. Our current quesitonnaire prefills from our client database and prints out a word document that is mailed out. Going electronic would save us trees and money!


      I am trying to determine if there is any way that this can be done, otherwise this isn't going to work like my boss wants.


      I would really appreciate any help!


      Thank you!