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    problems in downloading .acsm files


      While downloading the file .acsm, Adobe Digital editions open a window of error saying that thereis  a problem of connection with authorization server and in retrieving the licence,  with this message: E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED. My computer is authorized and I have already downloaded a file .acsm with no problems. What can I do?

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          sjpt Level 4

          This is often if the timezone, time, or daylight savings settings on the computer are incorrect.

          There may be sometimes be issues if the lender is in a different timezone to you; thought that doesn't generally seem to be an issue.


          Usually it isn't associated with downloading the .acsm file, but trying to use it in ADE (Digital Editions) once it has been downloaded.

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            mariaines Level 1

            The problem wasn't due to a difference in time zone or date and time of my pc, but to the fact that I didn't upload the book with ADE before the file duration of .acsm file was over.So after trying many times, with no result, to adeguate my pc date and time to the one of the .acsm file, I cancelled all .acsm files I re-downloaded during the several attemps, I downloaded it again from the link of my book purchase and  instead of saving to my computer the file I opened it directly in my browser Google Chrome and loaded it into ADE, successfully!!

            I hope this could be useful for next ADE users with the same problems.

            Patrizia Galletti

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