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    Link FileMaker Pro database with InDesign




      I am notating hundreds of locations on construction plans for an architecture client in InDesign. The notations are basic text boxes that have a series of numbers related to their location. The numbers in the text boxes are also compiled in a FileMaker Pro database, along with additional information.


      I am wondering if there is a relatively simple way to link the text boxes with my FileMaker Pro file so that when I update the information in the FMP file, it is automatically updated in my InDesign text box as well (or vice-versa). I don't think Data Merge would be able to achieve this, and I've done a little bit of research on third-party extensions. I was looking at em software's InCatalog/Xcatalog product which seems like it might be a good (albeit expensive) solution. I know people have created custom XML scripts to do this, but that's way beyond my capabilities. Just curious if anyone has done something similar with good results? Thanks in advance.

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          aschoon20 wrote:


          I don't think Data Merge would be able to achieve this…

          If you are ruling out Data Merge because it doesn't fit with your workflow or your design, that's understandable. But, if you are ruling it out because you don't think it can update data files, that's not quite true. If you place your placeholders on the master page, you can create a link to the data source. If the data source is updated after the merge, it will show as modified in the links manager, and you can update it. I haven't used this for quite a while, so try it out before you commit to it for your job.