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    Adding metdata properties to PDF saved from FormsCentral.




      We are using FormsCentral to save PDF forms out of FormsCentral to ensure they are reader enabled without a submit button.

      The important issue for us is that PDFs are reader enabled by FormsCentral as and we want to be able to receive back more than 500 responses.


      It seems once a form has been exported from FormsCentral to a PDF, you cannot update the metadata (document properties) in Acrobat.

      We don't want to have to save a copy then edit it Acrobat Pro as that then puts us back under the Acrobat EULA licencing rules.


      We want to ensure all our PDF forms on our website have metadata for search engine indexing etc., but can't see how to add it once

      FormsCentral has created the PDF.


      Is there anyway to add metadata to a FormsCentral PDF?



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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          When a PDF/form is Reader Enabled it is "locked" except for the specific tasks that it was enabled for.  The Reader Enabled rights have to be removed to make any additional edits.


          I don't think there is a work around, you could try posting in the Acrobat forums since this wouldn't be a FormsCentral PDF specific issue, but I really don't think there is a way to do it.




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